archives of Physics research

2010 : Volume One : Issue 4


Oxidation temperature and vapor chopping effects on superficial properties of Bi2O3 thin film prepared on glass and alumina substrates 
Sikandar H. Tamboli, S. V. Kamat, S. P. Patil, R. B. Patil, J. B. Yadav, Vijaya Puri, R. K. Puri, O. S. Joo 
Page No: 73-81


Acoustical and transport behavior of some amino acids in aqueous Dmso solutions at 303.15K 
R. Palani S. Balakrishnan , G.Srinivasan and S. Kavitha 
Page No: 82-88 


Role of spatial string tension under the QCD phenomenology 
Navjot Hothi and Shuchi Bisht 
Page No: 89-96 


Acoustical and thermodynamical properties of PEG in non-electrolytes at 303, 313 and 323 K 
R. Palani S. Balakrishnan and A.Mohammed Sabeelullah Roomy
Page No: 111-118


Post deposition heating effects on the properties of polythiophene thin films 
S.V. Kamat, S. H. Tamboli, Vijaya Puri, R. K. Puri, J.B.Yadav, Oh Shom Joo
Page No: 119-125 


Pitch Angle Loss-Cone Anisotropic Magneto plasma in Presence of Parallel Electric A.C. Field 
R S Pandey, U C Srivastava, A K Srivastava, S Kumar and D K Singh 
Page No: 126-136 


Structural and electrical properties of heavy rare-earth zirconate 
Priyanka Rani, A.N.Thakur, Pooja Raghuvanshi and A.Kumar 
Page No: 146-150 


Synthesis and Characterization of CdTr single crystals by gel techniqueNarendra Shaligram Patil, Padmakar Arjun Savale, Suresh Keda Bachhav, Suresh Trimbak Pawar 
Page No: 151-159 


Ultrasonic Absorption and Relaxation Studies in Aqueous Arginine and Methionine using PEO Technique 
O.P.Chimankar, Ranjeeta S.Shriwas, Sangeeta Jajodia and V.A.Tabhane 
Page No: 160-167 


Nucleation and Growth of Lanthanum Tartrate Crystals in Silica Gel 
H. M. Patil, D.K. Sawant, D.S. Bhavsar, J.H. Patil, K.D. Girase 
Page No: 168-175 


Age Determination of Pookerdvall pottery samples based on Thermo-luminescence behavior and their glow curves. 
F.Ashrafi, Z.Moghaddaszadeh, F.Bahrololoumi, G. Abbasi
Page No: 192-199 


two-photon and the two-gluon decay widths of P-wave charmonia  and  
Bhaghyesh, K. B. Vijaya Kumar* and Antony Prakash Monteiro 
Page No: 200-204 


Electromagnetic properties of polypyrrole thin film on copper substrate 
Shivaji Jamadade, Sandip Jadhav, Vijaya Puri 
Page No: 205-210