archives of Physics research

2010 : Volume One : Issue 2


Study of Hafnium Diboride Clusters Using Density Functional Theory
Neeraj Misra, Apoorva Dwivedi, Onkar Prasad, Anoop Kumar Pandey
Page No: 15-19


Preparation, Characterization and Magnetic Properties of some Rare-earth Zirconate
A. N. Thakur, Priyanka Rani and Pooja Raghuvanshi
Page No: 24-30


Nano scale contact junctions between SWCNT Channel and gate dielectric of CNTFET
A. Bahari, M. Amiri, Sh. Daliri Rad and S. Karami
Page No: 31-36


Thermal Oxynitridation and nitridation on silicon substrate
A. Bahari, S. Tobarari and H. Rafiee
Page No: 46-49


Investigations on the optical, electric, dielectric and mechanical properties of nonlinear optical LAM crystal
M. Vimalan, A. Cyrac Peter, T. Rajesh Kumar, C. Jayasekaran, J. Packiam Julius and P. Sagayaraj
Page No: 94-102


X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Copper Nanopowder
T. Theivasanthi and M. Alagar
Page No: 112-117


Application of Fractal Geometry to Lakes
Shaikh Yusuf H,  Phathan  J M, Maqdoom Farooqui , Khan A R, Behere S H
Page No: 147-170