Isolation of 3ß-16a-dihydroxy-5-cholesten-21-al, n-Docosanoic acid and Stigmasterol from petroleum ether extract of stem bark of Michelia champaca 

By I. K. Makhija, H. Vignesh, K. S. Chandrashekar, L. Richard and K.S. Prasanna  


This study described phytochemical investigation of the stem bark of Michelia champaca lead to the isolation of 3ß-16a-dihydroxy-5-cholesten-21-al, n-docosanoic acid and stigmasterol from petroleum ether extract and were categorized under steroid, long chain fatty acid and triterpenoid constituents. Their structures were established by direct interpretation of their spectral data of IR, 1HNMR and GC-MS. These phytochemicals have been reported for the first time from the stem bark of Michelia champaca. 

Keywords: Michelia champaca, magnoliaceae, phytochemicals, isolation. 

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