Studies on biomass - furfural-based cation- exchange resins I. preparation of polymeric composition 

By J.A. Yabefa, C. S. Ajinomoh, D. Wankasi 


Novel organic cation - exchangers based on biomass and furfural suitable for processing into ion exchangers was prepared. The polymer has been processed chemically into different types of cation exchange resins. The role of various parameters such as catalyst concentration, the effects in the different particle sizes in exchange capacity, etc., for preparing the polymer is systematically studied and presented. Similarly, the conditions for preparing the various cation exchange resins (Sulphonated, Furfuraldehyde, and unmodified type from the polymer) are also described. The overall best particle size in exchange of ions is the 500µm size. 

Keywords: Cation - exchange resins; Polymer, exchange capacity, Biomass. 

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