Pre-treatment of Orange Mesocarp with alkaline solutions to optimize glucose yield by Trichoderma reesei 

By J.A. Yabefa, B.O. Aderemi, and P. Wuyep 


Orange Mesocarp was Pre-treated with alkali solutions in this study. This raw material was crushed to (100-150µm,200-250µm and 300-425µm) and fed into a bioreactor, where delignification was effected with sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide followed by washing with warm water. The optimum weight lose percent was determined to be between 63% at 15 minutes and 71%, at 25 minutes soaking time respectively. The optimum orange mesocarp to alkaline solution ratio for favourable saccharification is 1:0.1. The enzymatic hydrolysis of the untreated and pre-treated orange mesocarp by Trichoderma reesei enzymes (endo-ß-1,4 glucanase, Cellobiohydrolase and ß-1,4 glucosidase) gave 74% and 97% glucose yield respectively. 

Key words: Orange Mesocarp, Trichoderma reesei, glucose yield, enzyme. 

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