Novel s-Triazinyl piperazines: Design, synthesis, characterization and anti-microbial activity 

By Rahul Patel, Premlata kumari, Kishor Chikhalia, Rahul Patel 


Eleven compounds have been synthesized in a series of [1, 3, 5] triazine analogues which, in addition to 4-amino benzonitrile, contain 8-hydroxy quinoline and different piperazines as well as piperidine substituents on the C-6 position of s-triazine ring. The title compounds were then evaluated for their in vitro microbial activity against 2 gram –Ve bacteria (E.coli, P. aeruginosa), 2 gram +Ve bacteria (S. aerues, B. subtilis) and 2 fungal species (C. albicans and A. niger). The most of the synthesized compounds have shown promising antimicrobial activity. All the final compounds were structurally elucidated on the basis of IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and elemental analysis. 

Keywords: Cyanuric chloride, 8-hydroxy quinoline, 4-amino benzonitrile, anti microbial activity. 

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