Investigation on the growth, structural, nonlinear optical, electric and dielectric properties of L-tartaric acid-nicotinamide single crystal 

By P. Ramesh Kumar, M. Gulam Mohammed, R. Gunaseelan, S. Kumararaman and P. Sagayaraj 


An organic nonlinear optical single crystal of L-tartaric acid-nicotinamide (LTN) has been grown by slow evaporation of the saturated solution at constant temperature of   45 0C. The grown crystal is subjected to single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis to identify the space group and unit cell parameters. The crystalline quality of LTN has been investigated by high-resolution X-ray diffractometry (HRXRD). The powder SHG study demonstrates the phase matching characteristics of the materials. The laser induced damage threshold data indicate the moderate quality of the developed sample to with stand laser radiation. The dielectric response of the sample is studied as a function of frequency and temperature. The ac conductivity properties of the sample are also reported. 


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