Influence of material parameters on Small Punch Test using curved specimens 

By Krishna K.Dwivedi, Krishna K.Pathak, Mukesh Pandey, A.H.Yegneshwaran, E.Ramdasan


Remaining life assessment of in-service components is a critical issue in the safety and reliability of power generating industries, because material properties reduce throughout the service life due to order to assess the strength of aged materials during the service life, miniature testing methods especially small punch test (SPT) has become a powerful tool of design engineers. SPT is a promising technique for those circumstances where only a small amount of material is available for characterization. Majority of the literature reported on SPT deals with flat samples. Flat samples are suitable to evaluate material properties of almost planer components only. For curved components, preparation of flat samples is a tedious process. Sometimes, in case of high curvature, it may not be even possible to prepare flat sample. In this regard, SPT using curved samples will be a promising tool for characterizing curved components. In present study, effects of some key material parameters on SPT using curved specimens and their effects are critically examined using simulation technique. 

Keywords: Miniature testing methods, Small punch test, material parameters, load –stroke curve 

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