Molecular iodine- catalyzed convenient synthesis of meso substituted dipyrromethanes 

By Syed Shahed Ali 


The reaction at room temperature of an aromatic aldehyde with pyrrole in the presence of Iodine, acetic acid catalyzed of meso-substituted dipyrromethane. The mixture was ground together in a mortar with a pestle at room temperature for short reaction time and easy operation under at room temperature. The meso substituted dipyrromethane is purified by crystallization and column chromatography on silica with eluants containing methanol: benzene. The reaction is compatible with aromatic aldehyedes. The meso substituted dipyrromethanes are stable in the purified from in the presence of atmospheric temperature. Meso-substituted dipyrromethane were obtained in excellent yield of the product. 

Keywords: Meso-substituted dipyrromethane, pyrrole, Aromatic aldehyde, acetic acid, iodine.  

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