archives of applied science research

2010 : Volume two : Issue 6

Archidium acanthophylum (Moss) and Cyanotis lanata (Succulent monocot) Succession model: Inselberg Indicators in Southwestern Nigeria 
Oyesiku Olubukunola Oluwole and Amusa N Adetunji 
Page No: 1-7 

Status of Lipid profile, MDA and protein carbonyl in patients with cardiovascular diseases 
Seema L. Jawalekar, Ujjwala J. Kulkarni, Vasant T. Surve, Y. A. Deshmukh 
Page No: 8-14 


Representation of p-Groups by character tables 
S. Hamma and M. A. Mohammed 
Page No: 15-27 


Anxiolytic and explorative behavioral effects of low SAR microwave radiation exposures on Sprague Dawley rats 
Aweda M. A.,  Usikalu M. R.,  Adeyemi O. O.  and Yemitan O. K. 
Page No: 37-46 


Phytochemical analysis and acute toxicity of two medicinal plants (Anogeissus leiocarpus and Daniellia oliveri) used in traditional veterinary medicine in Burkina Faso 
KABORE Adama, TAMBOURA Hamidou H., TRAORE Aristide, TRAORE Amadou, MEDA Roland, KIENDREBEOGO Martin, Belem A.M.Gaston, SAWADOGO Laya 
Page No: 47-52 


Synthesis and electrical conductance studies of p-Cresol-Adipamide-Formaldehyde Copolymer 
Sanjiokumar S. Rahangdale and Wasudeo B. Gurnule 
Page No: 53-58 


The concentrations of some heavy metals of Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar Coast Sediment 
Hamad M.I. Hasan, Mojahid ul Islam 
Page No: 59-67 


Green synthesis of silver nanoparticle using Euphorbia hirta L and their antifungal activities 
EK. Elumalai,T.N.V.K.V.Prasad, Venkata Kambala, P.C.Nagajyothi,  E David 
Page No: 76-81 


Ground Water Quality Assessment Nearer to the Dye user Industry 
Gunvant H. Sonawane and Vinod S. Shrivastava 
Page No: 126-130 


Kinetics of oxidation of m-Toluidine by Sodium Dichromate 
Ritu Singh, Farhat Hasan Khan, Mahboob Alam and Firoz Ahmad 
Page No: 131-139 


Effect of aliphatic diisocyanates on the properties of Cardanol-based polyurethanes 
S. Gopalakrishnan and T. Linda Fernando 
Page No: 151-160 


Extracellular biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using the filamentous fungus Penicillium sp. 
Hemath Naveen K.S., Gaurav Kumar, Karthik L., Bhaskara Rao K.V. 
Page No: 161-167 


Study on the effects of foliar spray of micronutrient on yield and yield components of durum wheat 
Hekmat Narimani, Mohamad Mehdi Rahimi, Asadollah Ahmadikhah and Behrooz Vaezi 
Page No: 168-176 


Fast gammametry for evaluation shielding concrete specimens 
Reza. Gholipour Peyvandi, Seyedeh Zahra. Islami Rad, Mani. Rezaei Rad, Mohammad.  Ghannadi Maragheh 
Page No: 200-204 


Influence of material parameters on Small Punch Test using curved specimens 
Krishna K.Dwivedi, Krishna K.Pathak, Mukesh Pandey, A.H.Yegneshwaran, E.Ramdasan
Page No: 211-218 


Investigation on the growth, structural, nonlinear optical, electric and dielectric properties of L-tartaric acid-nicotinamide single crystal 
P. Ramesh Kumar, M. Gulam Mohammed, R. Gunaseelan, S. Kumararaman and P. Sagayaraj 
Page No: 223-231 


Novel s-Triazinyl piperazines: Design, synthesis, characterization and anti-microbial activity 
Rahul Patel, Premlata kumari, Kishor Chikhalia, Rahul Patel 
Page No: 232-240 


An experimental investigation of cultivator shank shape on draft requirement
U. R. Badegaonkar, G. Dixit and K. K. Pathak
Page No: 246-255 


Biomass – Furfural based ion exchange resins. preparation of polymeric composition 
J.A. Yabefa, C. S. Ajinomoh, I. A. Mohammed, D. Wankasi 
Page No: 256-260 


Bioinoculation of halophilic phosphobacteria for raising vigorous seedlings of Rhizophora mucronata 
S. Ravikumar, S. Shanthy, A. Kalaiarasi and S. Sumaya 
Page No: 261-266 


Antagonistic activity of marine actinomycetes from Arabian Sea coast 
Sundaram Ravikumar, Samikan Krishnakumar, Samuel Jacob Inbaneson and Murugesan Gnanadesigan
Page No: 273-280 


Intermolecular hydrogen bonding formation in aqueous D-Mannitol 
O.P.Chimankar, Ranjeeta Shriwas and V.A.Tabhane 
Page No: 285-289


Partial purification and characterization of Aspergillus tamarii IMI388810 (B) tannin acyl hydrolase
Simeon Chukwuemeka Enemuor and Fredrick John Chidi Odibo 
Page No: 290-299 


Potential role of thermography in cancer management 
Aweda M. A., Ketiku K. K., Ajekigbe A. T. and Edi A. A. 
Page No: 300-312 


Preform design for near net shape close die gear forging using simulation technique 
Mohammad Haider, K. K. Pathak, Geeta Agnihotri 
Page No: 317-324 


Status of Lipid profile, MDA and protein carbonyl in patients with cardiovascular diseases
Seema L. Jawalekar, Ujjwala J. Kulkarni, Vasant T. Surve, Y.A.Deshmukh
Page No: 355-361


Characterization of Carotenoids from Streptomyces sp. of marine and fresh water environment
Baskar,V.,Madhanraj,P., Kanimozhi,K. and Panneerselvam, A.
Page No: 380-388