Characterization of CdS thin films synthesized by SILAR method at room temperature

By K.M.Garadkar, A. A. Patil, P.V. Korake, P. P. Hankare


CdS thin films have been deposited by using very simple SILAR method in an aqueous alkaline medium at room temperature. Thin films of CdS were characterized by X-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscopy, EDAX, UV–visible spectrophotometer techniques and electrical conductivity measurement. X-ray diffraction studies showed that CdS thin films are polycrystalline in nature; average particle size of the material was calculated by using Scherrer’s formula and found to be 18 nm. The lattice parameters were found to be a = 4.11 and c = 6.76 Å.  Optical studies showed that, it has a high absorption coefficient, and the band gap of the CdS thin film were found to be 2.39 eV.Electrical conductivity measurement indicates that it has semiconductor in nature, the specific conductance was in the order the of 10-4 to 10-2 (? cm)-1.  

Keywords: Thin film; SILAR; Nanocrystalline; X-ray Difraction; Band Gap

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