Assessment of Sub-Chronic Injectable Toxicity of Combination of Meropenem and Sulbactam in Mice 

By Sehgal Rajesh, Bhatia Pallavi, Arora Paramjit 


Meropenem is a broad spectrum antibiotic belonging to ß-lactam group of antibiotic and sulbactam is ß-lactamase inhibitor. Combination of the meropenem and sulbactam can be used for infections caused by microorganisms which are resistant to meropenem and thus increase the activity of meropenem towards resistant strains. The purpose of this study was to investigate safety and toxicity effects of intravenous administration of combination of meropenem and sulbactam. In present study, mice were administered dose of 100 mg/Kg, 200 mg/Kg and 400 mg/Kg of combination of meropenem and sulbactam for 28 consecutive days and toxic effects were assessed using biochemical, hematological and histology of vital organs. No mortality or toxicity effects were observed during the course of study. Various physiological, hematological and biochemical parameters were studied. No damaging consequences were observed in physiological, biochemical and hematological parameters. The observation gave the good evidence of a favorable safety profile of combination of meropenem and sulbactam.   

Keywords: Meropenem, Sulbactam, Toxicity.

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