Kinetics of the reduction of trioxoiodate (V) ion by 1,4 – Benzenediol in aqueous acidic medium 

By Diganta  Kalita and Bhabajit Bhuyan 


Fluoride and iron distribution in some drinking water sources of Lakhimpur district, Assam, India has been presented in this communication. Twenty drinking water samples were collected from tubewells and ringwells at different sites from three development blocks, viz. Telahi, Lakhimpur and Boginadi, of North Lakhimpur sub-division during dry season. Iron was measured by 1, 10 Phenanthroline method using a uv-visible spectrophometer (Shimadzu 1240) at 510 nm. Fluoride in water was determined by SPADNS method (colorimetric) by using a uv-visible spectrophotometer (Shimadzu 1240) at 570 nm. A good number of water samples contain fluoride at an alert level. Statistical observations on pH, fluoride, and iron in water sources showed that their distribution pattern in the study area exhibit departure from symmetry.  

Key Words: Water quality, iron, fluoride, statistics.

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