The Removal of Methyl Red from Aqueous Solutions Using Modified Banana Trunk Fibers 

By Mas Rosemal H. Mas Haris and Kathiresan Sathasivam 


Banana trunk fibers (BTF) are abundantly available and are usually discarded as an agricultural waste. However, in recent times, it has used an efficient sorbent for methyl red (MR). Here, we describe the use of modified BTF as an efficient sorbent for MR. The effect of pH, amount of adsorbent and concentrations of adsorbate were studied using modified BTF. The sulphuric acid treated BTF showed the highest adsorption capacity (Kf of 8.74 mg/g) in Freundlich isotherm model.  

Keywords: Sorption, Methyl red, Biotransformation, Chemical Modification, Banana trunk fibers.

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