archives of applied science research

2010 : Volume two : Issue 5

Compositional characterization of traditional medicinal plants: Chemo-metric approach
K. Prasad, B. Janve, R. K. Sharma and K. K. Prasad
Page No: 1-10

Data Envelopment Analysis for Stocks Selection on Bursa Malaysia
Ong Poay Ling & Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
Page No: 11-35


The Use of Factorial Design in the Analysis of Global Solar Radiation in Nigeria
M.A. Abdulazeez, A. Ahmed and F.W, Burari
Page No: 36-44


Heavy metal assessment of some eye shadow products imported into Nigeria from China
Omolaoye J.A., Uzairu A., and Gimba C.E.
Page No: 76-84


Pharmacoscintigraphy: An emerging technique for evaluation of various drug delivery systems
Rakesh Pahwa, Himanshu Dutt, Vipin Kumar and Kanchan Kohli
Page No: 92-105


Heavy metal assessment of some ceramic products imported into Nigeria from China
Omolaoye J.A., Uzairu A., and Gimba C.E.
Page No: 120-125


Alternative Synthesis of Telmisartan via Suzuki Coupling
A.Sanjeev Kumar, Samir Ghosh and G. N. Mehta
Page No: 135-141


Sorption studies of crude oil on acetylated rice husks
Nwankwere Emeka Thompson, Gimba Casimir Emmanuel, Kagbu James Adagadzu and Nale Biki Yusuf
Page No: 142-151


Bacterial Analysis of Soil From Waste Dumpsite
Faith Efosa Oviasogie, Christopher Uche Ajuzie, Uyiosa Glory Ighodaro
Page No: 161-167


Microbial Spoilage of Irvingia Kernels in Benin City, Nigeria
Ikhatua Matilda Iyayi, Egharevba Rachael Kehinde Adewumi and Asa’a Lemawah Nassang
Page No: 168-176


Immunoglobulin and haematological profile of Nigerians with Trypanosoma  brucei gambiense infection
Isaac, C., Nmorsi, O.P.G., Igbinosa, I.B.  and Umukoro, D.O.
Page No: 177-183


Pharmacognostic Studies of the Leaves and Stem of Diodia scandens Sw in Nigeria
Essiett, U. A., Bala, D. N. and Agbakahi, J. A.
Page No: 184-198


The Removal of Methyl Red from Aqueous Solutions Using Modified Banana Trunk Fibers
Mas Rosemal H. Mas Haris and Kathiresan Sathasivam
Page No: 209-216


Assessment of Drinking Water Quality in Different Small Tea Gardens of Sonitpur District (Assam), India
Joydev Dutta,  Mridul Chetia, J.P. Sarmah Baruah and Abani Kumar Misra
Page No: 226-238


Appraisal on causes and treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
Murali.Sollu, David Banji, Otilia J.F Banji, Vijayalaxmi.C. Srilatha.K. Kumar. Kumbala
Page No: 239-260


Anti-malarial activity of ethanolic stem bark extract of Faidherbia Albida (Del) a. Chev (Mimosoidae) in mice
Salawu, Oluwakanyinsola A,  Tijani Adeniyi Y, Babayi H, Nwaeze Angela C Anagbogu RA, Agbakwuru V A
Page No: 261-268


Photoluminescence studies on lead selenide thin films from thermal evaporation
S. Prabahar N. Suryanarayanan,  V. Balasubramanian,  S. srikanth,  D. Kathirvel
Page No: 292-297


Screening for Antimicrobial Activity in Acanthus ilicifolius
S. Ganesh, and J. Jannet Vennila
Page No: 311-315


Mechanism of the Redox Reaction of Hydroxylamine and Bromate Ions in Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid Medium
Idris S.O, Sunday E, Ibitomi M.O.,  Iyun J.F and Mohammed, Y.
Page No: 316-324


Particle size analysis of gadolinium doped sodium bismuth titanate ceramics
S. Supriya, S. Kalainathan and S. Swaroop
Page No: 325-330


Kinetics of the reduction of trioxoiodate (V) ion by 1,4 – Benzenediol in aqueous acidic medium
S.O Idris, U.G Oloto and   P. O Ukoha, J.F Iyun
Page No: 337-343


Assessment of Sub-Chronic Injectable Toxicity of Combination of Meropenem and Sulbactam in Mice
Sehgal Rajesh, Bhatia Pallavi, Arora Paramjit
Page No: 349-354


Cell signaling: Role of GPCR
Anil Marasani, Venu Talla, Jayapaul Reddy Gottemukkala, Deepthi Rudrapati
Page No: 363-377


Synthesis and characterization of silver doped ZnO nanoparticles
Ruby Chauhan, Ashavani Kumar and Ram Pal Chaudhary
Page No: 378-385


Synthesis and characterization of Na0.5Bi4.5Ti4O15 powders by stearic acid gel method
S. Supriya, S. Kalainathan and S. Swaroop
Page No: 386-391


Effect of Efavirenz and Ritonavir on the pharmacokinetics of Losartan
M.Nagulu , S.Vijaya kumar, K. Jagadeeshwar, Y.Radhika, G. Damodar, B.Gavaskar
Page No: 398-406


Pharmacognostical study on the leaf of  Tricosanthes Cucumerina Linn
Sandhya S, Chandrasekhar J, David Banji, Rao KNV
Page No: 414-421


Nutritional value of rubber seed flour for poultry feed-stock, using adult insect Tribolium castaneum as a model
Onwurah1, I. N. E., Otitoju, O., Njoku, O. U., Okafor F. C. and Obidiegwu, C.
Page No: 422-428


Characterization of CdS thin films synthesized by SILAR method at room temperature
K.M.Garadkar, A. A. Patil, P.V. Korake, P. P. Hankare
Page No: 429-437


Optimization of adsorption of oxygen gas on Carbon nanotubes surface
S.A. Babanejad, F. Ashrafi, A. Ghasemi
Page No: 438-443


Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel Mannich bases
Sunil G. Sanghani and Kalpesh J. Ganatra
Page No: 444-450