Effect of reinforcement and heat treatment on the friction performance of Al Si alloy and brake pad pair

By Amit Telang, Ameenur Rehman, Gajendra Dixit and Satyabrata Das

In the present work the effect of SiC particle reinforcement and further its heat treatment on Al alloy (ADC12) is studied in the application of automobile brake discs. ADC 12 is synthesized by stir casting process and its composite with silicon carbide (SiC) in weight percentage of 10% as the hard particle and its heat treated variety. The candidate materials have been compared with  tests on a rig developed for testing of brake discs under variety of operating conditions. The brake disc test set-up is a facility developed for simulating on road brake disc operating conditions. The brake disc test procedure for performance evaluation has been developed and formulated based on the Bureau of Indian standards (IS-14664:1999) for the acceptability of results. For evaluation the performance has been compared with the conventional steel  brake disc with an emphasis on brake torque. In general it is observed  that the average brake torque for ADC12 alloy at all velocities and brake force is lower than steel. The brake torque of the composites is higher than steel, the addition of SiC particles increased material hardness and its brake torque. Heat treatment of the composite material further increased the brake torque.

Key words: Aluminum silicon alloy, composite, brake force, brake torque.

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