N-chlorosaccharin oxidation of propan-2-ol: A kinetic study

By Sanjay K. Singh, Monika Arora, Gurpreet Kaur, Raman Deep Kaur and Harjeet Gujral

Oxidation of propan-2-ol by N-chlorosaccharin (NCSA) in aqueous acetic acid medium has been carried out. The reactions exhibit first-order in oxidant and fractional order with substrate. The rate of oxidation increases wit increase of acetic acid in medium while retarding by the addition of saccharin. This oxidation is acid catalyzed. The effect of temperature on reaction rate has also been studied. The thermodynamic parameters have been calculated. Based on all the kinetic data a possible operative mechanism has been proposed and a suitable rate law has been derived.

Key words: oxidation, kinetics, saccharin and propan-2-ol.

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