Investigations on the nucleation kinetics and growth of organometallic non linear optical ZCTC crystal

By T. Rajesh Kumar, M. Vimalan, R. Jeyasekaran, S. Tamilselvan and P. Sagayaraj

The solubility, metastable zone width and induction period have been determined for the zinc cadmium thiyocyanate (ZCTC) solution. Nucleation parameters such as Gibbs free energy, radius of critical nucleus, critical free energy barrier and number of molecules in the critical nucleus and nucleation rate have also been investigated. Interfacial energy has been estimated using the experimentally determined induction period values. It is observed that the nucleation rate increases with the increase of supersaturation. The growth parameters of ZCTC were optimized for the growth of large size crystals.

Key words: SCN ligand; Metastable zone; Interfacial energy; NLO crystal; Nucleation.

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