Effect of UV radiation in the antivitiligo therapy by piperine topical formulation

By K. R. Vinod, S. Anbazhagan, D. Santhosha, Otilia Banji, David Banji, S. Sandhya

Vitiligo also known as Leukoderma is caused by the loss of pigment, resulting in irregular pale patches of skin. Vitiligo develops patches of de-pigmented skin appearing on extremities. A  team  of  scientists  at  King’s  College  London  have  discovered  that  Piperine   and  its  synthetic  derivatives  can  stimulate  pigmentation  in   the  skin. The present study evaluates the pharmacological response of repigmentation to a herbal topical formulation incorporated with piperine with and without UV radiation using New Zealand strain rabbits. Although the group deprived of UV radiation took more time for repigmentation, the pattern was more homogenous.

Keywords: Vitiligo, melanocytes, UV radiation, herbal cream, evaluation.

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