Assessment of drinking water of different localities in Brij region: A physico-chemical study

By Shilpi Saxena and Saloni Gangal

To establish quality criteria, measures of chemical, physical constituents must be specified, as well as standard methods for reporting and comparing results of water analysis. Keeping it in view the present study was taken up  to analyze the drinking water sample of different localities .We calculate the water quality index with the help of fifteen physico- chemical parameters for drinking water of different localities.  The estimated values  shows that some parameters are under the permissible limit and other shows variation from the prescribed WHO standard. The  value of W.Q.I. also varies between the 80 -200 so the water of these localities are unfit for drinking and  human consumption without purification.

Key word: Water Quality Index, Brij region, physico-chemical parameters, assigned unit weight, quality rating.

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