Dielectric characteristion of Benzoyl Glycine crystals

By S. Suresh, A. Ramanand, P. Mani and K. Anand

The variation of dielectric constant (e ? and e ? ), the dielectric loss (tan d), and the conductivity (sac) of benzoyl glycine at different temperatures (350C-1350C) in the frequency range (50 Hz–5 MHz) of the applied alternating current field is analyzed.  The dependence of tan d, e ? and sac on temperature and frequency of the applied field (50 Hz–5 MHz) is established .The empirical equations obtained fit very well with the experimental data. These equations are suggestive of functional relationship between the dielectric parameters e ? , tan d and sac and the temperature and frequency of the applied field.

Key words: Solution growth, X-ray diffraction, dielectric constant.

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