Growth and characterization of a promising ferroelectric relaxor material

By R. Priya, G. Bhagavannarayana, S. Krishnan and S. Jerome Das

Optical single crystals of ferroelectric trismethylammonium pentachloro barium dihydrate material were successfully grown by slow evaporation technique to a size of 20 X 17 X 3 mm3 within a period of 4 weeks. The crystal was subjected to single crystal X-ray diffraction, UV-Vis analysis, mechanical and dielectric studies. HR-XRD studies were made to confirm the quality of grown crystal. The crystal show ferroelectric relaxor behaviour near curie temperature. The band gap energy and activation energy were also calculated. The relaxation rate is plotted with temperature to calculate activation energy and compared with the activation energy calculated from dc conductivity. It is found to be approximately equal.

Key words: Ferroelectric material, solution growth, Phase transition, band gap energy.

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