Photometric Facial Analysis of the Urhobo Ethnic Group in Nigeria

By Ese Anibor and Mamodesan T. Okumagba


Photometric analyses are been done to determine the facial angles in humans as such techniques reduce or eliminate the radiation patients are exposed to. Angles of aesthetic triangle for Urhobo ethnic group in Nigeria were determined in this study. All were healthy subjects aged 18-25 years. Significant differences were observed between Urhobo males and females in Nasofrontal and Mentocervical angles (p < 0.05) but not in the Nasofacial and  Nasomental angles (p > 0.05). The Urhobo subjects have a mean Nasofrontal angle of 116.28 degrees (0); Nasofacial angle of 38.50; Nasomental angle of 127.20 and Mentocervical angle of 87.350.  The findings of this study will form a baseline data for the Urhobo people. This study shows that these aesthetic angles (Nasofacial, Nasofrontal, Nasomental and Mentocervical angles) may serve as means of ethnic and racial identification. The Nasofacial and Mentocervical angles may also serve as tools in gender differentiation.

Keywords: Aesthetic angles, Urhobo, ethnic group, Nigeria.


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