Thermal response of some select wood samples for a passively cooled building design

By G.T. Akpabio, N.J George, A.E Akpan and I.B Obot


Determination of thermal properties of some select wood samples for predicting temperature variation with thickness as determinant for selection of thermally suitable wood samples needed in passively cooled building design was undertaken. Results show that sample E, Iroko wood sample has among others, the best thermal insulation properties based on the highest and least values of thermal diffusivity[91.600.04m2s] and thermal absorptivity [1.9930.111m-1] respectively. For the frequently used wood samples in building design investigated, the thermal conductivity of all of them are compatibly suitable for thermal insulation according to prediction limits given by other researchers. Moreover, thermal mathematical modelings have been developed for the prediction of thermal response of the wood samples frequently used in building design and these equations thermally thrive on predicting the variation and suitability of the investigated samples at any given thickness and time of the day with solar radiations absorbed by wood samples used for roofing, making of ceiling panels, making of doors or any other padded building design.


Key Words : Thermal response, thermal properties, passively cooled building design and wood samples

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