Frequency response of electronically tunable current-mode third order high pass filter with central frequency fo = 10 k with variable Circuit merit factor Q

By G. N. Shinde and D. D. Mulajkar


Current mode filters have many advantages compared with their voltage mode counterparts. Current mode filters have large dynamic range, higher bandwidth, greater linearity, simple circuitry, low power consumption etc. In this paper, a realization of a current mode third order high pass filter is described. The proposed circuit employs operational amplifier as the basic building unit. The filter circuit realizes quadratic work function. It provides electronically tuning capability of the filter characteristics. The proposed circuit works ideal for Center frequency fo = 10 k and Circuit merit factor Q > 1. The gain roll-off this configuration is 18dB/octave. The circuit is suitable for monolithic integration and high frequency operation. The filters developed were successful in obtaining passive sensitivities less than unity in magnitude and active sensitivities are half in magnitude, which is a noteworthy achievement. The circuit is suitable for high frequency operation and monolithic integration.  


Key Words : Current mode filter, third order, high pass, center frequency

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