A Report on GIT Disorders and Related Complications in Coal Miners of Shaktinagar, Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh

By Mohammad Abid, Santosh, Arjun Patra, Ashoke Kumar Ghosh, Kamal Kishore, Najam Ali Khan


Coal mines is one of the major source of energy in India, but its surrounding environment is very toxic to the persons living near these plants. A small case study has been done with relation to GIT problems and related disorders of the miners. In this study 200 people were selected including male and female and they were divided according to their age. Questionnaires related to GIT problems were prepared, asked to the miners individually and the responses were noted as yes or no. It was observed that people in the age group of 40-50 were more prone to the GIT complications and the total percentage of miner suffering from GIT problems was 60%. Apart from GIT disorders they also faced some other disorders. Hence, the people working in the coal mines must take some preventive measures to get rid of such complications and the authority may also go for routine counseling of the miners.

Keywords Coal mining, Gastro intestinal disorders, Coal miners

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