Study of the  Aluminum Ammonium Sulphate  as defluoridated Agent  in Drinking Water Earthenware

By R. N. Yadav, O. P. Singh and Rajdeep Yadav


Fluorosis is the worldwide health problem and is affecting both the developing and developed countries. In the whole world, about 25 countries have high fluoride concentration in ground water. Rajasthan is the worst affected state in India. Aluminum salts are commonly used as coagulants in water treatments. Aluminum fluoride is less toxic than other fluorides. In this study Aluminum Ammonium Sulphate has been used as defluoridating agent in drinking water earthenware and noted that these earthenware decrease the concentration of fluoride in drinking water. Langumir and Frendlich study had carried out with these earthenware.

Key words : fluorosis, defluoridating agent, earthenware


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