Comparative Studies of Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Probe and Microstrip line Feeds


By Ravi Kumar Gangwar, S. P. Singh, D. Kumar


In this paper, the design of rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA) with coaxial probe and microstrip line feed arrangements and corresponding return loss vs. frequency characteristics and radiation performance in C-band of microwave frequencies  using  finite integration method (CST Microwave Studio) and verified by finite element method (Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator) are presented . The simulation results obtained using the two numerical methods for the probe- and microstrip line-fed RDRA are compared on the basis of feed arrangements and the type of numerical method used. The results of present work may provide design guidelines for the development of efficient RDRA using coaxial probe and microstrip line as feeds.

Keywords: CST Microwave Studio, HFSS, Dielectric resonator antenna, probe coupling and microstrip line coupling.

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