archives of applied science research

2010 : Volume two : Issue 3

Comparative Studies of Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Probe and Microstrip line Feeds

Ravi Kumar Gangwar, S. P. Singh, D. Kumar
Page No: 1-10


Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation of Abacavir sulphate in Tablet Dosage Form
Surya Rao Srikakolapu, Imran Khan, Srujana Divya Gotteti, Manikantha Kumar Jangala,  Thejonadh Kolla,  Kishore Gondala
Page No: 23-27


Photometric Facial Analysis of the Urhobo Ethnic Group in Nigeria
Ese Anibor and Mamodesan T. Okumagba
Page No: 28-32


Characterization of proteases produced from Microsporum canis (JNU-FGC#503)
Shweta Gupta , Manju Kumari,  Mukesh K.Upadhyay* and Prabin Kumar
Page No: 61-67


Electrical properties of Mg doped ZnSxO1-x nanocomposites
M. Vimalan, T. Rajesh Kumar, I. Vetha Potheher, M. Gulam Mohamed and C.K. Mahadevan
Page No: 68-73


Acacia concinna pods: as a green catalyst for highly efficient synthesis of Acylation of amines
Kavita Mote, Santosh Pore, Gajanan Rashinkar, Santosh Kambale, Arjun Kumbhar and Rajashri Salunkhe
Page No: 74-80


Growth and characterization of pure, benzophenone and paratoluidine doped 2A-5CB crystals
M. Gulam Mohamed, K. Rajarajan, M. Vimalan, J. Madhavan and P. Sagayaraj
Page No: 81-93


Simultaneous HPTLC estimation of Telmisartan and Amlodipine Besylate in tablet dosage form
Aniruddha R. Chabukswar, Swati C. Jagdale, S.V. Kumbhar, Vinayak J. Kadam, Vinit D. Patil, Bhanudas S. Kuchekar, Pradeep  D.  Lokhande
Page No: 94-100


Effects of Some Nigerian Antimalarial Medicinal Plants on Glucose Levels in Wistar Rats
Godwin O Avwioro, Sina Iyiola, Evelyn I Enoghayin
Page No: 112-116


Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some new triazole derivatives
Sumitra Chanda, Yogesh Baravalia and Shipra Baluja
Page No: 117-126


Cytotoxic Effects of Tabebuia Rosea Oils (Leaf and Stem Bark)
G.K. Oloyede, I.A. Oladosu, A. F. Shodia and O.O. Oloyade
Page No: 127-130


Effect of bacterial and viral vaccines on bovine - A spectral analysis
A.Rajalakshmi, S.Gunasekaran and T.S.Renuga Devi
Page No: 162-170


Investigation on the Growth and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Single Crystals of Tris-Allyl Thiourea Mercury Bromide (ATMB)
I. Vetha Potheher, K. Rajarajan, M. Vimalan, T. Rajesh Kumar, R. Jeyasekaran and P. Sagayaraj
Page No: 171-182


Antimicrobial activity of “Trinpanchmool? drugs
S. Jayalakshmi, Arjun Patra, V.K. Lal, A.K. Ghosh
Page No: 183-187


Medicinal Plants as a Source of Anti-Pyretic Agents – A Review
Biren N. Shah and Avinash K. Seth
Page No: 188-195


Validated UV spectroscopic method for estimation of Salbutamol from tablet formulations
Arun K. Mishra, Manoj Kumar, Amrita Mishra, Anurag Verma, Pronobesh Chattopadhyay
Page No: 207-211


Formulation and evaluation of matrix tablets of Famotidine using hydrophilic polymer
A. M. Umarunnisha, S. Palanichamy, M. Rajesh, S. Jeganath and   A. Thangathirupathi
Page No: 212-220


Microwave Promoted Synthesis of Some Schiff Bases
Anchal Kulshrestha and Shipra Baluja
Page No: 221-224


Impedance Study of Nanostructure Cadmium Sulfide and Zinc Sulfide
Shubhangi D. Bompilwar, Subhash B. Kondawar, Vilas A. Tabhane
Page No: 225-230


A Report on GIT Disorders and Related Complications in Coal Miners of Shaktinagar, Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Mohammad Abid, Santosh, Arjun Patra, Ashoke Kumar Ghosh, Kamal Kishore, Najam Ali Khan
Page No: 231-237


Adsorption of Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Iron (III) on Jaswand Leaf Powder: A Case Study
Ratna S. Shelke, Jagdish V. Bharad, Balaji R. Madje and Milind B. Ubale
Page No: 260-266


Thermal response of some select wood samples for a passively cooled building design
G.T. Akpabio, N.J George, A.E Akpan and I.B Obot
Page No: 267-276