Chewing gum as a drug delivery system

By Farhad Mehta, Raj K. Keservani, C. Karthikeyan and Piyush Trivedi


The potential of chewing gum as a drug delivery system together with different formulation principles and methods of assessment are discussed in this article. The release of a drug from chewing gum is dependent upon its water solubility. Water soluble substances are released rapidly and completely from chewing gum and methods are available which retard their release from chewing gum to provide an extended release profile. Slightly water-soluble drugs are released slowly and incompletely from chewing gum and require special formulation techniques to produce a satisfactory release profile. Studies evaluating the potential application of medicated and non-medicated chewing gum in the treatment of local diseases in the oral cavity are described. Specific examples of the use of chewing gum as a delivery system for dental health, smoking cessation and antifungal therapy are cited. Few drugs are suitable candidates for incorporation into chewing gum formulations for the intention of their systemic delivery. Know-how derived from the development and manufacture of already existing medicated and non-medicated chewing gum, supplemented with today's knowledge of the principles of pharmaceutical formulation, constitute the basis for the development of the medicinal chewing gum of tomorrow.


Key Words : Buccal delivery, increased release, sustained release, dental health, oral candidiasis, smoking cessation.

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