Optimization of extraction conditions for embelin in Embelia ribes by UV Spectrophotometry

By Babu Ganesan, Perumal Perumal, VijayaBaskaran Manickam, Srujana Divya Gotteti, Surya Rao Srikakolapu and Latha Sundaresan Thirumurthy


A simple, precise and accurate UV spectrophotometric method has been established for quantitative determination of embelin. The response of embelin was linear over the range of 5-40 µg/mL. Extraction conditions were also optimized for best possible extraction of embelin from the fruits of Embelia ribes in different solvents like n-hexane, carbon tetrachloride, diethyl ether, chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate, propanol and methanol. Ethyl acetate was found to be best for highest possible recovery of the analyte, embelin. Quantitative determination of embelin in all solvent extracts was done by the developed method. The developed UV method was validated in terms of precision, accuracy, stability, LOD and LOQ.


Key Words : Embelia ribes, embelin, spectrophotometry, extraction.

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