Orally disintegrating tablets - Friendly to pediatrics and geriatrics

By Rakesh Pahwa, Mona Piplani, Prabodh C. Sharma, Dhirender Kaushik and Sanju Nanda


Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) have emerged as one of the popular and widely accepted dosage forms, especially for the pediatric and geriatric patients. To obviate the problem of dysphagia and to improve patient compliance, ODTs have gained considerable attention as preferred alternatives to conventional tablet and capsule formulations. Various scientific techniques including freeze drying, moulding, spray drying, sublimation, direct compression, cotton candy process, mass extrusion, melt granulation etc. have been employed for the development of ODTs. These techniques render the disintegration of tablet rapidly and dissolve in mouth without chewing or additional water intake. The current article is focused on ideal characteristics, significant features, patented technologies, formulation aspects including the use of superdisintegrants. Various marketed preparations along with numerous scientific advancements made so far in this avenue have also been discussed.


Key Words : Orally disintegrating tablets, superdisintegrants, disintegration, enhanced bioavailability..

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