Growth and yield of strawberry plant as affected by Ultravoilet-B radiations

ByJustin Masih and R. Kulkarnee


Strawberry plants were exposed to UV-B (280nm-320nm) radiations in order to determine the effect of UV-B radiations on its growth and yield. The plants were transplanted in pots and the transplanted plants were exposed to UV-B radiation (0.4wm-2) in UV-B chamber. Plants were irradiated with UV-B radiations on 20th, 40th and 60th day after transferring (DAT) for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes referred as T30, T60, T90, T120 respectively. T0 was the control plant. The effects of different UV-B treatments on growth and yield of strawberry plants were determined. All treatments were replicated four times in a randomized block design (RBD). The enhanced UV-B radiation caused a negative effect on plant growth and yield. Results showed that strawberry is a potentially UV-B sensitive plant and shows direct correlation with UV-B intensity.


Key Words : Growth, Yield, Strawberry, UV-B radiation, UV-B sensitive.

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