A Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for determination of Epinephrine in pharmaceutical formulation

By Arun Kumar Mishra, Amrita Mishra and Pronobesh Chattopadhyay


A simple, specific, sensitive, precise, and accurate high performance liquid chromatography method was developed for the determination of Epinephrine in pharmaceutical injection forms. Epinephrine is a catechol (C6H6O2) group containing secondary amine substance[1]. The method was carried out on reverse phase C-18 column (Luna Phenomenex) (250×4mm, 5µm particle size) using a mixture of water: methanol: acetic acid in the ratio of 85:10:5 (pH adjusted to 3.1 with ammonium acetate) as mobile phase. 3,4 Dihydroxy benzylamine was used as internal standard. The detection was carried out by UV-detector at 280 nm. The calibration curve was found to be linear in the range of 10ng/ml to 100ng/ml. The intra-day and inter day RSD for 60 ng/ml was found to be 0.123 and 0.685 respectively.


Key Words : HPLC, Epinephrine, pharmaceutical formulation.

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