Extraction and identification of pentacyclic compound ß- Amyrin(Terpenoid)

By Swati Sharma, Rekha Vijayvergia and Tribhuwan Singh


Terpenoids are synthesized from acetate units and as such they share their origins with fatty acids. They have also shown antimicrobial activities. This is important due to the increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is occurring globally and at an alarming rate. Terpenoid, ß-amyrin was isolated from a chloroform extract of Euphorbia hirta. Chemical structures of the isolated compounds were identified (mp. 197-197.50C; Rf value, 0.26; yield, 0.020 mg/gdw) by TLC and spectroscopic data.


Key Words : Euphorbia hirta, ß-amyrin, TLC.

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