Synthesis of new N1-substituted benzotriazoles as anthelmintic agents

By S. S. Pawar, P. L. Gorde, R. B. Kakde


Benzotriazole (2), synthesized by conventional method on treatment with ethylene chloride and potassium carbonate yielded N1-(chloro methyl) benzotriazole (3). The derivatives were synthesized by condensation of N1-(chloro methyl) benzotriazole with substituted hydroxy compounds and amines. The structures were established on the basis of spectral data. All compounds were screened for anthelmintic activity and were found to exhibit significant activity.


Key Words : Benzotriazole, Antihelmintic activity, Albendazole, Pheretima posthuma, N1-(chloro methyl) benzotriazole


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