In-vitro evaluation of anthelmintic activity of barks of Caesalpinia sappan

By Rasheed Ahmed, Ram Kumar Sahu, Krishna Kant Samele, Amit Roy, Jaya Dwivedi



The present study was undertaken to evaluate anthelmintic activity of ethanol and aqueous extracts of bark from Caesalpinia sappan against Pheritima posthuma. The different concentrations (10mg/ml, 25mg/ml and 50 mg/ml) of both extracts were studied in the bioassay, which involved determination of time of paralysis and time of death of the worms. The results of present study indicated that ethanol and aqueous extracts were significantly demonstrated paralysis, and also caused death of worms especially at higher concentration of 50 mg/ml, as compared to standard reference Albendazole (10 mg/ml).  In conclusion, the C. sappan as an anthelmintic have been confirmed.


Key Words : Caesalpinia sappan, anthelmintic, Pheritima posthuma Albendazole


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