Level of heavy metals uptake on vegetables planted on poultry droppings dumpsite

By E. O. Adefila, C.T. Onwordi, I. A. Ogunwande


Levels of cadmium, zinc, lead and chromium were determined in the roots, stems and leaves of Amaranthus vridis and Talinum triangulare planted on poultry dumpsite located in Ojo Local Government Area, Lagos, Nigeria. The vegetables were harvested from various distances (10m, 80m & 140m) from the dumpsites. The metal contents in the various plant parts were determined by means of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The results indicated a reduction in heavy metals uptakes in samples collected from distance nearest (10m) to the point of the poultry dropping dumpsite compared with samples collected from far distance (140m). Metals tested seemed to be least accumulated at the edible parts of both plants (0.22-98.20mg/kg).The highest mean concentrations (1.17±0.1-86.48±20.7) of all the metals investigated were found in samples collected from locations (140m) further away from the point source. Zn was consistently high (50.67-102.98mg/kg) in all the samples followed by Pb (2.27-7.21mg/kg), Cr (0.64-4.45mg/kg) and Cd (0.62-2.74mg/kg). Statistical comparison test at 95% confidence interval indicated significant difference between the levels of metals contents in most samples collected at the point nearest to the dumpsite to that far away from the dumpsite.


Key Words : Vegetables, Amaranthus viridis , Talinum triangulare, heavy metals, Poultry droppings.


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