Influence of Temperature in High Field Electron Transport Properties in Bulk Wurtzite GaN

By H. Arabshahi, M. Asmari


An ensemble Monte Carlo simulation has been used to model bulk electron transport at room and higher temperatures as a function of high electric fields. Electronic states within the conduction band valleys at the G1, U, M, G3 and K are represented by non-parabolic ellipsoidal valleys centred on important symmetry points of the Brillouin zone. The simulation shows that intervalley electron transfer plays a dominant role in GaN in high electric fields leading to a strongly inverted electron distribution and to a large negative differential conductance. Our simulation results have also shown that the electron velocity in GaN is less sensitive to temperature than in other III-V semiconductors like GaAs. So GaN devices are expected be more tolerant to self-heating and high ambient temperature device modeling. Our steady state velocity-field characteristics  are in fair agreement with other recent calculations.


Key Words : Ensemble Monte Carlo, brillouin zone, self-heating


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