Development and evaluation of Safed Musli formulation

By S. L. Deore, S. S. Khadabadi


In present communication an attempt is made to develop safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) formulations using crude safed musli powder (SP), standardized safed musli extract (SE) and purified saponin fraction (PSF).  Looking at the convenience of administration, ease of large scale production it was decided to formulate these extracts in tablet form. Different binders and diluents affected the percentage compressibility and hardness of the formulations. Formulation parameters and dissolution study results of safed musli powder tablet were compared with tablet containing safed musli extract and purified saponin fractions. SE and PSF tablet showed better dissolution than SP tablet.


Key Words : Tablet, Safed musli extract, purified saponin


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