The antimicrobial activity of essential oil and plant extracts of Woodfordia fruticosa

By Rajandeep Kaur,  Harpreet Kaur


The essential oil of Woodfordia fruticosa obtained by hydrodistillation was characterized. The main components present in the essential oil of leaves are sesquiterpenoids (ß-caryophyllene, ?-curcumene, germacrene-D, ß-selinene, elemol); and monoterpenoids (a-pinene, 2,6 dimethyl 1,3,5,7 octatetraene). The antibacterial activity of the essential oil was evaluated. The essential oil was most active against Pseudomonas aerogenosa and Bacillus subtilis. The plant extracts of Woodfordia fruticosa was evaluated for antimicrobial activity. The hexane extract was found to be most active against Pseudomonas aerogenosa.


Key Words : Woodfordia fruticosa; Antimicrobial activity; Hydrodistillation; Medicinal value; Agar disc diffusion method.


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