A comparative study of fatty acids and sterols profiles in seed oil of five Cassia species

By Lalita Ledwani, Shelley Oberoi


The fatty acids and sterols composition of seed oil were determined from five Cassia species namely: Cassia absus Linn., Cassia alata Linn., Cassia javanica Linn., Cassia laevigata Linn.,  Cassia roxburghii DC. The oil content was ranged from 3.5% to 6.2 %. The fatty acid and sterols composition of seed oil of five Cassia species were analyzed by Gas Chromatography. Four fatty acids: C16:0 palmitic acid, C18:0 stearic acid, C18:1 oleic acid and C18:2 linoleic acid (along with minor percentage of C18:3 linolenic acid in C. roxburghii & C. absus)were identified in all five species. The tested seed oil contained mainly unsaturated fatty acids i.e. C18:2 linoleic acid in the  range from 45.96% to 60.25% and C18:1 oleic acid from 26.29% to 34.91%. C16:0 Palmitic acid was the most abundant saturated acid. Three sterols cholesterol, stigma sterol and ß-sitosterol were found in all species. ß-sitosterol was found to be major sterol in C. javanica (67.50 %), C. alata (64.79 %) and C. roxburghii (63.29 %) and C. absus (53.42%) while sigmasterol was major in C.  laevigata (45.34 %). Linoleic acid, oleic acid, stigmasterol and ß -sitosterol were identified as the major constituent of the oil.


Key Words : linoleic acid, oleic acid, ß-sitosterol, stigma sterol, palmitic acid, cholesterol stearic acid.


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