Characterizations of zinc oxide nanoparticles reinforced conducting polyaniline composites

By S. B. Kondawar, S. D. Bompilwar, V. S. Khati, S. R. Thakre, V. A. Tabhane, D. K. Burghate


A simple approach for the formation of Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles is described. The particles of the synthesized zinc oxide are in spherical nano-sized form as confirmed from its TEM characterization. Composites of different molar concentration of aniline and ZnO nanoparticles have been prepared. During the polymerization of the monomer (aniline) by using oxidizing agent (ammonium persulphate) and dopant (H2SO4) under constant stirring at 0 - 4oC, synthesized nanostructure zinc oxide powder was added. The presence of the vibration band of the dopant ion and other characteristic bands confirm that the polymer nanocomposites are in conducting emeraldine salt phase as characterized by their FTIR. Nanocomposites reveal polycrystalline nature and show homogeneous distribution of zinc oxide in PANI. The electrical property of nanocomposites is a function of the filler as well as the matrix. In the case of PANI/ZnO nanocomposites, ZnO is semi-conducting; the electrical conductivity is predominantly due to the PANI. Composites exhibit resistivity in between pure PANI and the ZnO nanoparticles. The change in the resistivity of the composites indicates a change in the doping state of the polymer. The composite PANI-ZnO (1:2) shows higher conductivity as compared to other ratios.


Key Words : Nanocomposites; conducting polymers; ZnO nanoparticles; electrical conductivity


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