Physico-chemical characterization and heavy metals of   effluents from glass processing plant in Agbara industrial estate, Ogun, Nigeria

By C. T. Onwordi, S. B. Dan-Sulaiman


The physico-chemical analysis of effluents from glass processing plants in Ogun state, Nigeria was carried out to establish the pollutive nature of the effluents. The physic-chemical parameters were determined by Standard method while the metals were determined by Atomic absorption spectrophotometry following wet digestion. The mean pH values for all samples POD, P1 and P2 are 6.48±1.50, 6.92±1.26 and 7.16±0.92. The temperature ranged from 29.0±1.41 to 29.8±0.84 respectively and all were within the FMENV and that of W.H.O. standard of 6-9 and 20-330C.  The mean concentration of the phosphate, nitrate, sulphate are all within the limit standard but the mean value of total suspended solids: a POD (74.00 ±57.89), P1 (73.20±57.85) and P2 (73.20±57.17)mg/L were above the FMENV of 30mg/l. The DO and BOD5 are all within the limit while the COD for POD,P1 P2 were  181.00±85.07 mg/L, 187.20±86.33 mg/L and 187.40±85.10 mg/L respectively which exceeded the limit of 80mg/L for a glass industry effluent limit.  The levels of Zn, Fe, Pb, Cu, Cr & Cd were all below the FMENV limit.  The concentrations of both the cations and anions analysed were within stipulated limits.


Key Words : Glass industry, Estate, Effluent, wastewater parameters, heavy metals


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