Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some substituted 2-phenyl benzothiazole

By Devmurari V. P., Ghodasara T. J.


Discovery and development of effective as well as safe drugs has brought a progressive era in human healthcare that is accompanied by drug resistant bacterial strains.   So, there is constant need of new antibacterial agent having novel mechanism to act against the harmful pathogens. The present study deals with antimicrobial evaluation of some substituted 2-phenyl-benzothiazole were synthesized by condensing substituted benzoic acid with 2-amino thiophenol in the presence of phosphoric acid. Structures of all the compounds were characterized by spectral and elemental analysis. All the novel synthesized compounds were screened for antibacterial activity against strains of three gram negative and gram positive microorganism. It was also found that compounds 1, 4, 6 and 7 showed very good antibacterial activity whereas the other entire compound showed mild to moderate antibacterial activity as compared to standard drug.


Key Words : Antimicrobial evaluation, Drug resistant bacterial strains, Gram negative microorganism


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