Removal of Fe(III)  from aqueous solutions using Cajanus Cajan(L) Milsp seed shell activated carbons

By K. Karunakaran, P. Thamilarasu


The objective of this study is to assess the removal of Fe(III) from aqueous solutions onto activated carbons prepared from Cajanus Cajan(L) Milsp Seed Shell.  The effects of various parameters have been investigated by the following batch adsorption technique.  The various variables studied include initial concentration of the adsorbate, agitation time, adsorbent dosage, pH, kinetics, influence of co-ions and temperature. The experimental data was fit well to the Freundlich isotherm.  Thermodynamic parameters such as ?Ho, ?So, and ?Go were calculated, indicating that the adsorption was spontaneous and endothermic nature.  FT-IR and SEM patterns of the before and after adsorbent were recorded to get better sight into the mechanism of adsorption process.


Key Words : Adsorption, Fe(III), Cajanus Cajan(L) Milsp, activated carbon, polypyrrole  and adsorption isotherm.


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