Study of solute solvent interaction through dielectric properties of allyl chloride with alcohol using time domain reflectometry technique

By G. M. Dharne, Aruna P. Maharolkar, S. S. Patil, P.W. Khirade


Dielectric relaxation measurements of Allyl Chloride (AC) with Methanol, Ethanol, and 2-Propanol mixture for different concentrations over the frequency range10MHZ to 20GHZ at 308K have been carried out using Picoseconds Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). Static permittivity (e0), dielectric constant at high frequency (e8) and relaxation time (t) were found through dielectric measurements.  The Bruggeman factor (fB), Kirkwood correlation factor (geff), excess static permittivity (e0E), and excess Inverse relaxation time (1/t) E were determined and discussed to yield information on the molecular interaction and the Dynamics of the mixture of the system.


Key Words : Dielectric relaxation; Time Domain Reflectometry; Bruggeman factor; Kirkwood Correlation factor.


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