Formulation of Microemulsion based vaginal gel-in vitro and in vivo evaluation 

By Rahul Nair. Sevukarajan. M, Badivaddin. Mohammed, Jayraj Kumar 


The objective of the present investigation was to develop and evaluate microemulsion based gel for the vaginal delivery of Ciclopiroxolamine (CPO). The solubility of CPO in oils and surfactants was checked to identify components of the microemulsion. The ternary diagrams were plotted to identify the area of microemulsion existence. Various gelling agents were evaluated for their potential to gel the CPO microemulsion without affecting its structure. The prepared formulations of clopirox olamine-Microemulsion based gel(CPO-MBG) was evaluated by checking its Spreadability, Rheological studies, Gel Strength, bioadhesion study, mucoadhesive strength, In-vitro diffusion studies and In-vivo studies The  efficacy of the CPO-MBG  gel was evaluated in vivo in using rabbits . The CPO-MBG showed good in vitro bioadhesion and anti-fungal activity. The CP-MBG has potential be successfully used for the topical treatment of vaginal candidiasis. 

Keywords: Ciclopiroxolamine,-Microemulsion based gel,Anti fungal activity. 

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