Chemical permeation enhancers for transdermal drug delivery: A brief review

By K.Kavitha, More Mangesh Rajendra, Patel Dipen Mangalbhai, Sandeep DS, Ganesh NS


The transdermal route has been recognized as one of the highly potential routes of systemic drug delivery and provides the advantage of avoidance of the first-pass effect, ease of use and withdrawal (in case of side effects)  and better patient compliance. However, the major limitation of this route is the difficulty of permeation of drug through the skin. The permeation of drug through skin can be enhanced by both chemical penetration enhancement and physical methods. In this review, we have discussed the chemical penetration enhancement technology for transdermal drug delivery as well as the probable mechanisms of action.

Key Words: Percutaneous absorption; Permeation enhancer; Skin; Stratum corneum; Transdermal.

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