Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of Frusemide through liquisolid technique 

By Shashidher Burra,  Sandeep Kumar Galipelly 


Frusemide is a high loop diuretic used as an adjuvant in treatment of hypertension1. However, the low aqueous solubility and poor dissolution of this molecule in gastric fluid affects its rate of absorption, resulting in a low and variable oral bioavailability. The purpose of this study was to improve frusemide dissolution through its formulation into liquisolid systems by using new mathematical model expression. All the tested frusemide liquisolid tablet formulations were tested different dissolution media such as 1.2 pH, 5.4pH, 6.8pH, 7.4pH showed higher drug dissolution rates (DR) than the conventional, directly compressed tables.  

Keywords: Frusemide, Liquisolid compacts, Solubility, Dissolution rate. 

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